Bringing the outside in!  Here is an example of a combination TEMO Sunroom with an open air sitting area.

The couple in this case wanted some additional floor space that would be more open and feel like sitting outside, but still be insulated for year round use.  The room is a TEMO 4” wall system with HPG3 insulated glass package.  This sunroom is constructed starting with TEMO engineer insulated structural floor system, 4” insulated Temkor walls with thermally insulated window package and finished with structural insulated “energy star” roof packaged. 

Whether it’s too hot or too cold, the room will be comfortable with the windows closed and with plenty of sunlight to feel like you are outside enjoying the sun.  Nice days?  Just open either or both of the operating sliding windows for fresh air.  The continuous insulated structural roof will keep the open section comfortably cool on those hot summer days.  The roof system in this case was also set up so that in the future, should they decide to close in this section with single glass windows or retractable screens, it is a simple upgrade without modifications of any work that has been done previously. 

Interior walls around the patio door are finished off with our Pelican Bay One by Alside vinyl shakes siding product and ties everything together nicely. 

Comfort, Beauty and Style make this a truly wonderful additional space.