It looks like it was definitely time for a new roof for this old farmhouse.  Just a few finishing touches around the window dormers and this home will be protected from the elements for a lifetime!

The new owners of this working farm in Vermont are in the process of bringing this home and property back to beautiful, and the new Galvalume Standing Seam roof will protect them from the elements and make it possible to continue with the interior work without threat from Mother Nature.

Eliminating snow loads in the winter is one huge benefit of our standing seam roofs but its also worth noting that these systems are Energy Star rated to keep your home more comfortable year round.

Our roof system is fabricated on site so no worries about shipping damages.  We make the panels on site, install the system with a hidden clip fastener and then use a machine to double mechanical lock all the seams for a lifetime of protection.  Truly the best engineered and performing roof for New England!