This couple had experienced years of trouble with their oversized and outdated roof.  They feared they would never be able to solve, or be able to afford to fix the problems they were facing, until they reached out to us!

This large roof with its low peaks, long lengths and huge sky-lights provided headaches for this family that required constant repair.  With such low angles, this family experienced ice dams on their eaves, leaks in their valleys as the snow built up, leaks from the 4 large sky-lights and sun damage to their furniture and hardwood floors from the sunlight.

These issues required constant repairs from the leaks and constant roof raking during the harsh New Hampshire winters.  As this couple got older, the incessant and physically challenging maintenance became too much to keep up with and they began to look for a “forever,” and maintenance free roofing system.

With our experience over our quarter century in business, we were able to solve all of these issues with our standing steam, steel roof.  Our certified, experienced and qualified installation crews custom cut the panels for your roof at your home, so you know that the product being installed really is custom- made just for your roof.  With all the benefits of solving all the problems this couple was experiencing, they were also blown away by the lifetime and transferable warranty we offer for their new roofing system..

This particular family originally had chosen our “colonial red” color for their steel roof; however after seeing said color on a different roof they quickly decided it would not be aesthetically pleasing.  So to help our valued customers we presented the couple with lists of several houses we had installed for each of the three colors they had narrowed their choices down to.  They were able to drive around the state, observe and get a real sense of how much their roof was going to change and how it would look in the real world.  They eventually settled on the color recommended by our roofing department, medium bronze, and it blended in perfectly with the scheme of this colonial home.

We were able to remove the sky-lights, re-sheath and waterproof the openings and installed a new standing seam metal roofing system to alleviate all of their troubles.  With the harsh winters, and hot summers we have in New England, standing seam metal roofing is the way to go!  Snow and ice slide off during the winter, so you don't, when raking it off.  We also have some hot summers here as well.  Our standing seam metal roofing systems use an ultra cool paint finish on them, to reflect heat away from your home, making it cooler inside, and reducing energy costs, not to mention the dramatically altered and sharply clean new look!