This homeowner in North Berwick, Maine could not be happier with the way this addition room now feels with new Interstate In-Vision windows and patio door!

The complaint was what we hear all the time, this room gets way too hot in the summertime and is definitely too cold in the winter time.  Notice the thermal reflective material inside the home in the before picture to help keep the summer heat out.  Now, with our thermally insulated Low-E/Argon window system they can do away with thermal shades and let the natural light in and still be super comfortable!

They have never had an August with such comfort inside that room we are told and that’s just the summer season, in the winter the insulated system will work to keep the room much warmer and deliver year round comfort and energy savings..

Also notice, we provide lifetime maintenance free PVC coated aluminum capping in colors to match the existing house trim and create the perfect look with no painting forever!