This customer's beautiful waterfront home was weathered and worn after several harsh New England winters.  We offer a wide variety of maintenance free siding to accommodate anybody’s taste and after an informative meeting with one of our knowledgeable product specialists, this customer fell in love with the Everlast Premium Siding.

Made from U.S. - sourced materials using an innovative triple-composite formula, Everlast Siding is one of the most advanced composite siding materials available on the market today.  And unlike other products, Everlast planks are made to be impermeable and resistant to breaking, fading, rotting, and wood-boring insects such as beetles, carpenter ants, and moths.
This customer will never have to replace damaged boards or trim due to weather or insect damage like they might have to do with other materials.  Even more, thanks to Everlast's advanced composite technology, the siding will never swell, bow, rot, expand, or contract, which means this customer's home will continue to look beautiful long after other products would have needed replacing.