This 150 year old classic New England colonial home had seen its fair share of hard times and that was apparent to anyone who simply looked at the exterior of this once stately home.

The owners loved the historical and classic look of their home and feared that they would never be able to get the ease and maintenance free benefits of vinyl siding while still maintaining the historic integrity, design and detail of the home; until they saw what we were capable of!

This couple has lived and been in love with this historically significant home for nearly 50 years.  However, being near the ocean and heading towards a two-century lifespan, they had hoped to somehow find a way of maintaining all the small historical details of the home, while changing the exterior to siding.  Over the course of decades the sun faded the paint, chipping occurred and constant repainting and repairs were required to prevent rotting.  In addition to these problems, the wind rushing off the ocean caused the old home to be drafty, and the sound of the rushing wind to ring through this formerly grand home. 

Our customers feared putting vinyl siding on the home would cause it to lose the historical detail they had fallen in love with.  The couple loved the header trim above all the windows, doors and at peaks of each corner-posts and thought there was no chance to save those details with a new vinyl system.  However, with our quarter century experience in this field, we were able to accomplish all that they wanted while still maintaining the look of their home that they wanted to preserve forever.

Our Charter Oak vinyl siding system is stronger and more resilient than any others on the market today, and the sturdiness of our siding put this couple’s worry at ease!  We also were able to put an exterior layer of foam-board insulation around the house underneath the siding system to help with the energy savings in heating and cooling costs, as well as help the drafts and loud noises of the oceans they had lived with for nearly half a century.  We were able to remove, save and reapply the old details of the house to seamlessly blend in the worry and maintenance free vinyl siding system.

New world technology, old world detail and charm, and energy efficiency is what this couple were able to achieve by employing us to preserve their home!